The illegitimate daughter


Historical Figure


There is no more controversial figure in the history of man than Nadia, the woman who claims to be the daughter of Retter. Without going too deeply into the controversy surrounding her parentage, what follows is a rough account of her life.

Born in a camp during the war against the monsters, Nadia was quickly spirited away to the north, where the Free Peoples not fighting in the war had set up several small towns. She was raised there, and by her own account was a difficult child. Little is known about her childhood, other than she writes about not knowing her parents. This was hardly unique for the time, and men and women were both dying on the front every day.

What made Nadia well known was when she stepped forward in the year AW 22. As Retter‘s health began to fade, she claimed she was the rightful heiress to Retter’s throne. She boldly claimed Retter was her father, and she deserved to rule. Those in the cold north, who knew her believes her, and it wasn’t long before she had a large following. These tribes would separate themselves from the increasingly senile Retter, and form the Russ Tribes. During the Border War they jumped at the chance to claim more land, and Nadia led them to setting their current borders.

She ruled until the age of 68, and the throne passed on to her child. This has continued, and the current ruler of Russland, Ivania, can claim her direct ancestry to Nadia.


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