Savior of Man


The great messiah, Retter, brought magic to our people. And from the darkness, with raw power flowing from their fingers, the greatest army humanity has ever built waged war on the monsters of the world, liberating them from the tyranny they had been forced to live under for so long.

The war that followed lasted a generation. Inch by inch, the monstrosities were pushed back into the far south. Inch by inch humanity staked its claim on the land. The war ended when one of the ancient dragons came forward and made a treaty with Retter. No one knows what was said on the mountain top these two forces of nature met on, they only know when Retter came back down he set in stone the boundaries that humanity had to abide by, and we have lived by those boundaries ever since.  

The immediate years that followed were filled with peace. Humanity had more room on the continent than they knew what to do with, and for the first time they were the top of the food chain. Retter ruled for nearly a decade after the war ended, with nearly everyone following his law. As his health declined, the first of the nations was formed to defy his rule.


According to the Golden Texts, Retter was born on one of the Kratau Islands. It has been said that we was stolen by the Spider Queen from his crib, and taken to the mainland as a slave. There he grew up in servitude, beaten down, and rarely acknowledged. In his teenage years it is said he ran way twice, only to be chased down by his mistress’ minions. His back bore the many scars from repeated lashings before he turned 18.

And then, on his twentieth birthday, he awoke to find himself bathed in green light. According to the Golden Texts, at that moment he understood magic in its completeness. With a wave of power he destroyed the Spider Queen’s castle, and with his fellow slaves formed the first tribe of Free Peoples.

This tribe grew in number steadily over the next decade. As they would come upon other slave encampments, they would use their powerful magics to set the people free. By the time Retter was 35 he was seen as a menace to all Monster lords. They declared war on the tribes of the Free Peoples, and so the greatest war man has ever known began. Retter lead as general in that war.

While the details of the conflict have been lost to time, Retter’s Edicts and the Golden Text preserve the knowledge he wished to be passed down to future generations. At the age of 55, after the Peace was signed with the Old One, Retter proclaimed himself ruler of men, to much applause. By all measures he was a just and fair ruler. Kind to many. He married at the age of 56 to Ulan, and they had two children.

Retter died, senile and fragile, at the age of 102. He is burried under the cathedral that bares his name in Rotick.


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