Retter's Wife


Historical Figure


Wife to the Savior Retter, Ulan was born in the hills near what would become Sudbury. Little is known about Ulan for certain, as she appears only twice in the Golden Texts, and what other records may have been made of her are lost. In fact her birthplace is uncertain, as it is possible these records and reports have been falsified.

What is known about her is this. She married Retter in the year 1AW, at the age of 26. The wedding was private, and no record besides the mention in the Golden Texts exists of where the ceremony took place. This is to the attention of many Retterian scholars, as they try to find evidence of what is known as the Altar of the Gods. It is said the Altar that these two wed upon was so magical, that time itself was slowed to make the beautiful ceremony last longer.

The second thing that is known about her is that she bore Retter two children. Twins. What is perhaps most interesting is nothing is written about these twins in the Golden Texts. In fact, this is where the Golden Texts stop. Some Retterian scholars say this is because Retter was such a devoted father he could not continue writing. Other, more fringe scholars argue these twins were part of the pact with the Old One, and Retter could not bring himself to continue writing after their fate was sealed.


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