Basic History

The world is ours, and it was through blood that we made it so. The history books tell us that creatures of all imagining used to roam the planet, from giant fire breathing lizards, to small fiendish spirits in the forests. In those times humans were smaller, and fearful. We did not know our own strengths. And then the great messiah, Retter, brought magic to our people. And from the darkness, with raw power flowing from their fingers, the greatest army humanity has ever built waged war on the monsters of the world.  

The war that followed lasted a generation. Inch by inch, the monstrosities were pushed back into the far south. Inch by inch humanity staked its claim on the land. The war ended when one of the ancient dragons came forward and made a treaty with Retter. No one knows what was said on the mountain top these two forces of nature met on, they only know when Retter came back down he set in stone the boundaries that humanity had to abide by, and we have lived by those boundaries ever since.  

The immediate years that followed were filled with peace. Humanity had more room on the continent than we knew what to do with, and for the first time we were the top of the food chain. Retter ruled for a decade after the war ended, with nearly everyone following his law. As his health declined, the first of the nations was formed to defy his rule. Russland declared their independence, following a leader who claimed to be the illegitimate daughter of Retter, Nadia. The land they claimed was cold, and the furthest north. No one argued with their claim, hoping to avoid a bloody conflict so soon after the Monster Wars.  

Retter died in the year 11AW, and so began the War of Bounds. Small factions split up, arguing each knew what Retter had intended for humanity to do in the coming years. Some argued he hoped humanity would abandon their war making ways. Others argued he intended to take the land past the borders agreed upon with the ancient dragon. Still others argued no one could know the mind of Retter, and they thought he would guide them from the afterlife. These factions began to pull at each other, arguing they knew what was best for humanity. The war was short, but extremely bloody. In the end, six countries formed. Russland maintained their claim, and soon became the largest country. Bracia emerged as a leader, and claimed the richest farmland, but ended up with relatively few square miles. Geotia, similar to Bracia, claimed the Fron River delta. The United Fiefdoms of Eurtoland, with a tenuous alliance between several independent fiefdoms, stretches in a nearly straight line down the east coast. Heotrike spread across the southern boarder.. Karatu claimed a small chain of islands as their own.

The War of Bounds had another unintended effect on the land. During the Monster War magic flowed through the veins of human warriors, and could be used to devastating effect. Human mages formed mountains, reversed the flow of rivers, and brought about a destruction never before seen. The War of Bounds did something more. By the end of the war mages struggled to start fires, let alone alter the very landscape they fought upon. This gave rise to warrior factions, focused on the art of the blade, bow, and more. The War of Bounds began and era of peace, during which the nations focused on restoring their land, and building cities that house tens of thousands of people. 

And so this is the world the players enter, 300 years after the death of Retter. 311AW, the year the tensions begin to come to a boiling point, but the war has not started yet. Famine has hit the continent, and has been getting steadily worse for 20 years. Farmland is slowly going fallow, and nations are beginning to turn to their neighbors to find fresh soil to till. 

Basic History

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