“Some people would wisely note that Geotia, although small and apparently with poor agriculture, has the rest of the nations of men by the throat. The Fron River flows from the sea up through seven of the nine countries, and serves as their boarders. It is also the only way that the islands of Kratau and their wealth of mineral and magical resources can be distributed to those nations. Should Geotia decide to cut off that supply, the nations of the world would be crippled.” Speaker Iona the First, 126 AW.

Geotia is small, and its small population keeps it from being a military giant. However, the King of Geotia maintains the largest diplomatic force per capita, which has given it a web of treaties that protect it from harm. Essentially all nations have signed treaties pledging they would declare war on whichever country attacked Geotia. Roughly one quarter of the Geotian people are directly involved in foreign service, and Geotia is the only nation with embassies in every other nation.  

Geotian culture is largely maritime. The Straight of Dario is home to the city of Dariosville, which controls all trade that comes though its waters. Dariosville is a port city, and to most visitors it is a dirty city. Since this is the majority of outsiders interaction with the nation of Geotia, for most Geotians are seen as dirty, fast dealers, and almost rat-like in nature. However, those who visit the fishing villages outside of Dariosville would find Geotians to be kind, caring, and hardy people. They live modestly, and share when they can. Many of these rural Geotians are incredibly pious, and worship the God Fron.

Other towns of note:
Palmer’s Reach


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