“If my work had not taken me to that gods-forsaken land, I would have never gone, and I will never want to return. The people are harsh, and they are the most suspicious group I have ever had the displeasure of meeting. The land is near barren, as the magics of the Monster Wars still flows through this land. The closer you get to the southernmost boarder, the more these magics run wild, warping reality. These wild magics act like a barbed wire fence, keeping the vile creatures at bay. But the people who live near these magics, their minds are warped by these arcane and ancient forces.” Geotian Diplomat, Herb Wilkins.

Heotrike is less of a nation than it is an area of land that the rest of the nations of men did not want for themselves. Those who live in this boarder land tend to roam in clans, with Keepers at their core. These Keepers are more witchdoctor than religious leader, but they hold the ancient arts of magics. While the Boarder War drained magic from much of the lands, Heotrike is the exception. However, the magics these witchdoctors harness are wild, and Heotrike mages are often viewed as far more dangerous than they are worth. Heotrike clans also are the first to notice Monstrous incursions, and they take massive pride in slaying these beasts. Heotrike warriors often incorporate the bones and body parts of their conquests into their armor, which many other nations view as barbaric. 

While Heotri clans recognize the divinity of Retter, most do not follow the Edicts of the Speaker, nor do they recognize the authority of the Russlandic Heir. The Keepers hold the knowledge of the teaching of Retter, and they worship in their own ways. Some clans have been known to raid villages of other nations, and small skirmishes have broken out along the Hetorike boarder. However no nation has made a concerned effort to rule the land, and few had dared send any of its citizens across the boarder. 

Russland has an interesting relationship with Keotrike. Russland and Geotia have small research outposts, that study the magics that protect the boarder. They have traded a lot to be able to protect these stations from Heotri clans. 


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