"From the very rock they have scrapped and scrambled. The gods they worship are not the four Retter showed us. They worship older gods, deeper gods. The Kratau people are hard. Salt water flows through their veins. Their islands also are the only known source of Magieite. That precious mineral that allows us to store the magic that powers our airships, goliaths, and cities. So while they are heathens in the eyes of the Church of Retter, they hold the key to continued human salvation.” ~ Dr. Gerard Malcolm, Renowned Historian

The Kratau islands are located off the western coast of Geotia, just outside the the Fron River delta. These islands are jagged rocks sticking up out of the cold ocean, and there fact that humans have been able to find a living there is nothing short of miraculous. These islands are also rich in a mineral called Magieite that is used in the huge engineering projects on the mainland. Magieite is used to store magical energy to be used later. While Magieite batteries have never been known to “die” or go bad, as more nations build weapons of war, more Magieite is required, and Kratau profits.

However the people of Kratau have worked incredibly hard to keep the rest of humanity at arm’s length. Kratau was a sanctuary for humanity long before the Monster War came to an end. While the water around these islands is incredibly dangerous, the islands themselves are protected by the field created by the Magieite. As long as there have been humans on the island, they have never seen a monster step foot on the rocks. This is not something the Kratau people share with anyone else.

The Kratau people also don’t believe in the divinity of Retter. They believe in gods that live deep below the surface of the water who protect these islands. They sacrifice livestock to these gods in festivals at the start of each season. While the Kratau people are very different from many of the mainlanders, they farm what they can on their islands, and mostly want to be left in peace.

And be left in peace they will, even if they have to kill to keep their peace. Kratau has no formal allies, and so their naval power is nothing short of massive. Their ships hold massive cannons and their shorelines house scattered artillery batteries. However to build these massive maritime weapons of war, they have to trade resources with the mainland. This has lead to a tenuous relationship with Geotia, with a few Geotian traders profiting from traveling the dangerous water of Kratau.

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