United Fiefdoms of Eurtoland

“It is my sincerest hope that the nations of man come to model themselves to the UFE. In my time traveling amongst its city states I have met more scholars, artists, and philosophers than nearly anywhere else. Their army is well trained, and acts with kindness and care for those who violate the constitution and laws of the UFE. They prize science. They prize peace. They prize stability.” Simon Langly, Retterian Priest

The United Fiefdoms of Eutroland, more commonly known as the UFE, is a conglomeration of small city-states that banded together for protection during the Boarder War. Initially their alliance was purely protective, but in the centuries that followed they grew to be much more closely knit. Each city-state manages its own trade and laws, but the UFE Board of Representatives manages military efforts, treaties with other nations, and occasionally passes down referendums to the individual Fiefdoms. Each of those Fiefdoms then decides whether or not they will follow suit, although most do.  

Although each Fiefdom has their own practices and traditions, they are culturally extremely similar to one another. The wealthiest members of the UFE tend to be elected to the Board of Representatives by other wealthy members of society. These elections are held once a year, and invitations are issued by the order of the ruler of that particular Fiefdom. The poor are well taken care of however, and housing is provided by the ruler of the Fiefdom. Citizens of the UFE enjoy a quality standard of life, and few are marginalized.  

There are seven Fiefdoms, and this is the abstract of each: 

1) Croydon- Home of the UFE Board of Representatives. Also home to the University of UFE 

2) Ffestiniog- Largely protects the farmlands surrounding it. Famous for the harvest festival.
3) Inverness- Has a substantial ore reserve, and mines regularly. 

4) Sudbury- Mines heavily, and also is home to the UFE Foundry. 

5) Shipton- Produces the boats used across the nations of men, and has a fantastic night life.
6) Doncaster- Home to the largest library in the world, and it unofficially the scientific hub of the UFE

7) Cleethorpes- The largest Fiefdom, and home to the UFE main barracks.

United Fiefdoms of Eurtoland

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