Retter's War

The Bigger They Are...
The harder they fall

After Matt led a charge on a machine gun emplacement from the guard tower the team seized, the rumble of a Goliath shook the battlefield. The multi-gunned behemoth made short work of the guard tower, and quickly turned its’ machine guns on the “Lucky 100,” reducing their number drastically. Matt called for a tactical retreat. Thanks to some quick thinking by Andrea and well Called shots by Dom and Brent, the mechanical beast was torn to shreds by cannon fire.

Upon taking the beach, Brent and Andrea assumed control of what remained of the Goliath. As Matt and TC positioned troops to defend from a counter attack, Dom posted up in a sniping position. An intense and bloody 20 minutes of fighting later 85 UFE troops lay dead, their bodies scattered over rocky defenses constructed magically. Unfortunately 38 Bracian soldiers also lay dead or dying. It was a blood bath, but it paved the way for the 32nd armored division to begin their assault on the city of Iverness.

Assault of Iverness

After a successful campaign at Rotick, much of the Bracian army has been diverted into a beach assault on Iverness in an effort to knock the UFE out of the war early. The fiefdom of Iverness is crucial to the UFE’s supply of metal, and so taking it out early could cripple the war machine.

After an eventful three days of sailing on the SSB Dungeness, the Greenies landed north of the city of Iverness with 100 other troops. They managed to seize a guard tower, and radioed back to the main army their plan. This is when they learned that the main army was losing the beach assault. It is now up to them to divert enough of the UFE army to allow the Bracian army to establish a beachhead.

Boot Camp
Week 1


You have volunteered or been drafted, and you have made the arduous journey to the Bracian boot camp outside of Boulder. By train, car, horse back, or foot, thousands have made their way to camp.

As you crested the ridge, the camp came into view and while you expected tents and something impermanent, this is something different. Massive hangers, built to last, stone barracks, and long airstrips. How long are they expecting to need this?

After joining the rest of your new squad-mates in barracks 4, you were quickly run through your paces in basic battlefield mechanics. Your squad fared well as a whole on the obstacle course, did extremely well in target practice, and even managed to douse the fire guarded by the COs.

This was when the bomb was dropped. Instead of thorough trianing you were being shipped off in the morning to Rotick. Since you did so well in the stealth training, you were given the luxury of a flight there in a zeppelin, and a special mission…

The Outbreak of War
So it begings...

The rumors began pouring in months ago. At first no one around you believed them, but before long the posters went up. There was no doubting, there was a war beginning.

At first the leaders did their best to minimize the events that had unfolded. They told people that these problems would be resolved through diplomatic means, and that the ugliness that had been reported was an exaggeration, and it was nothing more that a dispute over land. And so it was quiet for a while.

Then the news broke, the Heir to the Russlandic throne had been killed while attending a play in Boulder. The next day Russland declared War on Bracia, and the UFE quickly declared war on Bracia as well. Bracia called upon Geotia to help them defend their lands, citing an ancient peace agreement over the land between Winterton and Frondock. Kratau officially released a statement of neutrality, but with conditions of trade on the mineral Magieite. Knowing that precious material would be needed to continue their war efforts, all the nations of the world quickly leaped to offer assistance in protecting the small islands, leading to the first bloodshed of the war on the shores of this neutral land.

For your town though, the effects of the war were only starting to make themselves known. Ration cards had gone out to all the families, but they were more than fair. Who needs more than six rashers of bacon a week? And sure, some of the crops had gone to the military effort, but no more than could be spared with a little belt tightening. The most upsetting thing is the labor shortage, with so many young men and women off to enlist even before the bloodshed on Kratau.

And now here you are, trembling, with your letter in hand. You’ve been called up, and ordered to report for basic training in one week. This has to be the first round of draft notices, the war has only been going on for a few months…

Although, if the letters home from others are to be believed, enough people have died to fill several waves of draft notices…


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