Retter's War

Boot Camp

Week 1


You have volunteered or been drafted, and you have made the arduous journey to the Bracian boot camp outside of Boulder. By train, car, horse back, or foot, thousands have made their way to camp.

As you crested the ridge, the camp came into view and while you expected tents and something impermanent, this is something different. Massive hangers, built to last, stone barracks, and long airstrips. How long are they expecting to need this?

After joining the rest of your new squad-mates in barracks 4, you were quickly run through your paces in basic battlefield mechanics. Your squad fared well as a whole on the obstacle course, did extremely well in target practice, and even managed to douse the fire guarded by the COs.

This was when the bomb was dropped. Instead of thorough trianing you were being shipped off in the morning to Rotick. Since you did so well in the stealth training, you were given the luxury of a flight there in a zeppelin, and a special mission…


ben_torin_reed ben_torin_reed

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