Retter's War

The Bigger They Are...

The harder they fall

After Matt led a charge on a machine gun emplacement from the guard tower the team seized, the rumble of a Goliath shook the battlefield. The multi-gunned behemoth made short work of the guard tower, and quickly turned its’ machine guns on the “Lucky 100,” reducing their number drastically. Matt called for a tactical retreat. Thanks to some quick thinking by Andrea and well Called shots by Dom and Brent, the mechanical beast was torn to shreds by cannon fire.

Upon taking the beach, Brent and Andrea assumed control of what remained of the Goliath. As Matt and TC positioned troops to defend from a counter attack, Dom posted up in a sniping position. An intense and bloody 20 minutes of fighting later 85 UFE troops lay dead, their bodies scattered over rocky defenses constructed magically. Unfortunately 38 Bracian soldiers also lay dead or dying. It was a blood bath, but it paved the way for the 32nd armored division to begin their assault on the city of Iverness.


ben_torin_reed ben_torin_reed

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