Honorable Hannari

Leader amoungst the divided


Skilled strategist, and well known monster hunter. Level headed, well loved, and mindful.


Born to a small tribe in the Heotrike, Hannari lived as any Heotrike woman does for much of her life. She fought off hunger by scavenging for food, mending clothing, and worked hard to keep her tribe alive and well. All of this was true until she turned 18 and the tribes of the Heotrike were called together to discuss the events in the other nations of man.

At this great meeting her father arranged a marriage to a young man, who was going to be the future leader of her tribe. There is little know about how Hannari felt about this, because on their wedding night her room was attacked by a shadow creature. The beast quickly dispatched her huband, and turned its yellow eyes towards her. Thinking quickly she raised her husbands ceremonial sword to block the monster’s slashing claws. She used this blade to dispatch the beast, and she keeps the heart of the creature in a bag on her belt to this day.

After emerging from the tent, she was met by an old woman, and Truth Seer. The Seer declared, loud and for all to hear “This woman is honorable, she wears the fortune of a creature that could not be killed. She will lead us in the dark times ahead.”

Since then people of the Heotrike have turned to her for guidance, and she has given it freely. When the war began she united the tribes, and has led war parties to defend the Heotrike from those who would seek to strip it of it’s resources.

Honorable Hannari

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