Lady Anna

Ruler of Russland


Incredible markswoman, allegedly a powerful spellcaster, and extremely passionate.


Born to the Russlandic throne, Lady Anna was raised in Shlossberg and instructed in all of the things the Heir to the Throne of Nadia would need to know. It is whispered amongst the Russlandic people that she is in fact the product of a union between the Queen and an unholy monster, because for the first sixteen years of her life no one ever saw the little princess.

On her sixteenth birthday the royal procession began, and she did a tour of the entire country. For the first time the people saw their heiress, and these rumors of being born from a monster were dispelled. Her beauty was said to thaw the hearts of even the most depressed in the country. This grad tour represented hope, and a show of force. It was also on this tour she met a young man in the village, and after spending one day with him named him her husband.

Her wedding was beautiful and celebrated across the country. They lived happily for two years when Lady Anna’s parents died tragically in a Zeppelin cruise. The nation went into mourning, but Lady Anna and Lord Alexei quickly established themselves as rulers. Although the laws of the land would not crown them until she turned 21, they ruled justly. Then, on that fateful day, Lord Alexei was killed in Boulder, and Lady Anna flew into a rage.

And now she leads the armies of Russland, from the front, seeking vengeance for her fallen love.

Lady Anna

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