Merchant Lord Tromas

The de-facto leader of Geotia


Brilliant military strategist, and merchant mogul. A crack shot, and widely renowned Goliath pilot.


Merchant Lord Tromas was born on the mean streets of Dariosville where he learned to fight, and make strategic alliances. By the time he was 17 he was already a mid-level manger in Into-Corp, a printing press company, when he was asked to lead a caravan across the country to Iverness to negotiate a trade deal on steel. This over-land route was known to be dangerous, and so the company hired mercenaries to accompany the young manger.

About half-way into the course they were attacked by crazed mountain people, and Tromas had to learn to pilot the company’s Goiliath. On the return trip the caravan was once gain attacked, but think time by a massive Wyrm. Once again he took the Goliath Pilot seat, and still wears the Wyrm’s tooth in a necklace.

Now he is seen as the de-facto leader in Geotia, and is widely respected as a businessman.

Merchant Lord Tromas

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