Speaker Iona the Fourth

Religious Ruler


Speaker Iona the Fourth has been the Speaker for Retter for only 5 years. She ascended to the highest role of religious leadership at a remarkably young age, and her leadership has been questioned from nearly every angle. In a lot of ways her magical talent is one of the things that has commanded respect from all, and has been her saving grace as the war begins.

Born Grace Marthus, Speaker Iona the Fourth took her Speaker name after the first female speaker in the history of humanity. Before she rose to this seat she was born in a small farming community in Bracia. Her parents were destitute, and quickly gave her up to the local church to train as a priestess. She began to show her magical abilities by age 5, and trained in the ancient Retterian magical martial arts.

She trained with the church until age 20. After Speaker James the Third’s untimely death, the Counsel of Bishops chose her from seemingly no where to take his seat. In the second year of her Speakership an assassination attempt was made on her, but the bullet was stopped in mid air by Iona IV. In a very public display of force, she trapped the would-be-assassin in a magical force field for seven days. Right before the man was going to die, she dropped the shield and healed him.


Speaker Iona the Fourth

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