Retter's War

Assault of Iverness

After a successful campaign at Rotick, much of the Bracian army has been diverted into a beach assault on Iverness in an effort to knock the UFE out of the war early. The fiefdom of Iverness is crucial to the UFE’s supply of metal, and so taking it out early could cripple the war machine.

After an eventful three days of sailing on the SSB Dungeness, the Greenies landed north of the city of Iverness with 100 other troops. They managed to seize a guard tower, and radioed back to the main army their plan. This is when they learned that the main army was losing the beach assault. It is now up to them to divert enough of the UFE army to allow the Bracian army to establish a beachhead.


ben_torin_reed ben_torin_reed

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