“There is no more beautiful sight than a Bracian sunrise, except maybe that of a Bracian sunset. Well, maybe the sight of a Bracian woman with a bottle of the Bracian wine. No, the most beautiful sight is the Bracian cathedral. Alas, I cannot be sure what single thing brings the most beauty into the world, but I can be sure it is housed somewhere in the great nation of Bracia.” Professor Lars McKnile

Bracia and its allies, Geotia and Heotrike, in many ways won the War of Bounds. They were able to maintain their claims on some of the richest lands. Bracia is well known for its beauty, and its striking mountain ranges provide for amazing vistas. Bracia, while it is an independent nation, is spread out enough that it only houses one major city, Frondock. Outside that major city Bracians largely live in small villages clustered around a central cathedral. Each of these villages house maybe a thousand people, and each farms communal land. Bracia has found itself with a very small wealthy class, and instead each village relies on a small counsel of elders to organize labor. This has lead to a highly ordered society, and since people often get their work completed as a team, they have a fair amount of down time. 

While Bracians are organized by their counsel members, they have relatively little work to do. The volcanic soil their farms utilize makes it seem like the crops grow themselves. The fair climate means buildings require relatively little maintenance. Bracians have time and space to philosophize and create great works of art. They also commit three years to military service after a child turns seventeen. As such Bracia has a standing military that functions largely as boarder patrol, and to a degree has functioned as monster hunting when there are claims of monstrous incursion.

Villages of note:


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